Incentive Forms

LiveWELL Incentive Flyer

Healthy Weight Reward Form

Know Your Numbers eForm (electronically transfer labs from a CHS provider)

Know Your Numbers Paper Form (to be used if labs are not visible in the KYN e-Form or if labs drawn by a non-CHS Provider). See full instructions on the KYN Page.


Exceptions and Alternative Forms

Maternity/Breastfeeding Exception/Alternative Form (for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers) 

Financial Health Alternative Form

Health Coaching Alternative Form

Healthy Weight Reward Exception Form (use for non-maternity related exceptions)

Know Your Numbers Exception Form (use for non-maternity related exceptions) 


LiveWELL Health Plan Forms


LiveWELL Event Waiver and Consent Forms

For CHS Teammates: Waiver and Consent Form 

For non-CHS teammates: Printable Waiver and Consent Form. Complete and then email form.